Our Winter has finally arrived!




The BOO! Story

In a society that places so much focus on being “perfect”, not having a ‘perfect’ or ‘slender’ body shape at a young age, does not make you as imperfect, unattractive or different as you might believe.  It means that you are growing, like a caterpillar into butterfly, to become the best version you. It makes you strong. It prepares you to handle criticism and challenge that will cross your path. It teaches you that popularity and success IS possible, as long as you stay true to who you are!

This is exactly how the initiative of BOO! came to life. Inspired by a very special young lady, we’ve decided to create this unique range of girls between the ages of 10 and 14 years who are facing some challenges in the ‘finding something that makes me feel good’ department.
Something you can whip out of a cupboard and feel like a princess when wearing it.

We want our focus to be this:

Remember that you can cover up a part of your body that you might consider a flaw with amazing tailor-made clothing BUT you should never cover up who you are. Embrace your ‘flaws’. Enhance them with your personality, your smile, your being YOU!

Go on… wear your specially created BOO! garment with pride and create your destiny!