Bronwyn Venter – Founder and Chief Fashionista

The journey of being a little princess and growing into a teenage girl, to finally becoming an adult woman isn’t easy.  We have so many uncertainties, challenges and most of all peer pressure from society that makes thís journey on most days difficult.

That being said, all of the above equips and enables us as the female tribe to preserve, accept the challenges with grace and continue to excel in any field, with any given task… successfully.  We are all born unique, and by realising and accepting who you are as a person, we are in fact starting to create your own unique destiny.  Although this journey might be a bumpy, tricky and sometimes overwhelming experience, it will also be fun, exciting, amazing and of course successful… as long as you stay true to who YOU are!

Welcome to the BOO! Evolution, I look forward to sharing and experience the journey with you.

Big hugs