Donné Potgieter – Integrative Health Coach


Donne’ is an Integrative Health Coach bringing a wealth of knowledge in the field of nutrition and lifestyle.  She is a proud mom of a busy toddler and owner of BeyondtheplateSA.  Her focus is on child nutrition and moms (and some Dads!).  Health Coaching is a new concept which is growing in South Africa which fills the gaps many doctors and dieticians don’t have the time or resources for.  She believes that there is so much more to health than broccoli and kale; therefore, focussing more on how changes can be made sustainably through lifestyle adjustments.

Donné encourages home cooking and teaches busy parents and children how to cook from home using affordable and simple ingredients. Donné supports clients to achieve their health goals through gradual changes in lifestyle and nutrition.  Her motto is “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” [Hippocrates].  Donné enjoys spending her free time doing physical activities and has completed a few Iron Man events and Half Iron Man events.

Her primary concern is getting her clients to love food and not fear food.  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@beyondtheplatesa) for delicious recipes and an occasional blog about life, love and parenting.  If you or your family need some help in feeling healthy, energetic and balanced contact